Quick Answer: How Many Types Of E Way Bills Are There?

How do I EWay bill for export?

Following are the mandatory Fields for generating E-way BillTransaction Type.Sub Type.Document Type.Document No.Bill From – GSTIN and State.Dispatch From – Pin Code & State.Bill To – GSTIN and State.Ship to – Pin code & State.More items…•.

Is EWAY Bill compulsory?

The e-way bill is an electronically generated document that businesses in India are required to file when moving goods worth more than Rs. 50,000 from one place to another. As of April 1, 2018, it became mandatory to file e-way bills for the movement of goods interstate. …

Is e way bill required for local sales?

eway bill is optional for Goods of value less than Rs. 50,000 (except in cases of mandatory Eway bill provisions like the movement of Handicraft goods and movement of goods for Inter-state Job work ) If Goods are being transported by a non- motorised conveyance (Ex.

Is e way Bill compulsory within city?

Supply to consignee – If intrastate supply is going directly to the consignee if the value of the consignment exceed Rs. 50,000 while the distance is even within 1 km and transported through the motorized vehicle, it is mandatory to generate GST E Way Bill.

How do I check my e bill?

Verification will be done through RFID readers where e-way bill is mapped with RFID. Physical verification of conveyances may also be done. In case there is ‘specific information’ of tax evasion, physical verification of a conveyance can also be done by an authorised officer.

How do I get my bill to ship to EWay bill?

Where the e-way bill is generated by ‘A’, the following details need to be filled in the e-way bill form based on Invoice 2: Bill from: Details of ‘A’ (the third person) Dispatch from: The place from where the goods are actually dispatched (same as in Case 1) Bill to: Details of ‘C’ (the final buyer)

What happens if EWAY bill is not generated?

The vehicle that is found to be transporting the goods without an Eway bill can be detained or seized and would be released only on payment of appropriate tax and penalty as specified by the officer. … If not, the penalty will be equal to 50% of the value of goods.

Can we generate EWAY bill without GST number?

Enter e-Way Bill Generated by: In this field you need to provide the GST number of e-Way bill generated person or company (If you do not have GST number you need to enter URP). Document No: In this field you need to enter invoice number of generated e-Way bill.

Is it compulsory to fill Part B in e way Bill?

When the transporter is ready to move the goods, he can fill Part B of the bill and the validity period will start from that day. The ministry also clarified that only one e-way bill is required if the movement of goods is split between two transporters. … Transporter A will fill the vehicle details, etc.

Is e way bill required within 50 kms?

Filling up of Part-B of the e-way bill is a must for movement of the goods, except for within the same state movement between consignor place to transporter place, if distance is less than 50 Kms. … One needs to transport the goods with an e-way bill specifying the vehicle number, which is carrying the goods.

Can e way Bill be generated in back date?

However, if e-way bill is generated with wrong information, it can be cancelled and generated freshly again. The cancellation is required to be done within 24 hours from the time of generation. 18. Is the date on e-Way Bill be same as Invoice Date or any different date?

What happens if Part B of E way Bill not filled?

Non filling of Part B of e-way bill is only a minor breach. Even if there is a breach by the transporter, transporting any taxable goods without the cover of documents penalty may be imposed to the tune of ₹ 10,000/- only.

Why e way Bill is generated?

E-Way Bill is the short form of Electronic Way Bill. It is a unique document/bill, which is electronically generated for the specific consignment/movement of goods from one place to another, either inter-state or intra-state and of value more than INR 50,000, required under the current GST regime.

Is e way bill required for delivery within 10 km?

The e-way bill has been made mandatory at the time of delivery by the railways and job workers can also generate the bill in the case of inter-state movement of goods. Goods moved within a state did not need e-way bill for distances of up to 10 km. … No e-way bill is needed for transit cargo from/to Nepal or Bhutan.

What is transaction type in e way Bill?

Based on the above mention e-way bill rules, the options are available in the e-way bill portal. In the “Transaction Type” field, you will need to select either “Outward” or “Inward”. You need to select the option as “Outward”, if you are supplying goods and select “Inward”, if you are receiving goods.

What is the limit for e way Bill?

Rs 50,000Registered Person – Eway bill must be generated when there is a movement of goods of more than Rs 50,000 in value to or from a registered person. A Registered person or the transporter may choose to generate and carry eway bill even if the value of goods is less than Rs 50,000.

Who generates e way Bill?

One of the crucial issues faced by industry is assigning the responsibility for generating the e-way bill. According to the law, the onus is clearly on the consignor or consignee who is responsible for the movement of goods of value exceeding 50,000 INR.

How do I get an EWay bill?

Steps to generate e-Way Bill on the e-Way Bill portal Here is a step by step Guide to Generate EWay Bill (EWB-01) online: Step 1: Login to eway bill system. Step 2: Click on ‘Generate new’ under ‘E-waybill’ option appearing on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Select ‘Inward’ if you are a recipient of consignment.